The need for Dagenham Escorts in my heart.

Trying to hold still on and mending the failing relationship I have with my girlfriend is killing me softly. I do not know why but I keep on holding on to her even though I knew that she and I would never work. I guess I do not want to let her go because of my selfishness. I already know that she would be happier in the arms of another guy, but I want to suffer with me. I realize that the more I hold on to my girlfriend the more my life gets screwed. I loved her for so long that thinking about letting her go is such a painful thing. But I have nothing else to do but to let her go; it is what’s best for her and me. According to Dagenham escorts of I had so many lessons learned during the time I spent with my girlfriend. She taught me everything I know on how to keep a relationship going, and I am very thankful for that. I considered my time with her well spent because my memories with her will keep me going when I encounter many problems in the future. I am sure of that, my girlfriend and I are to lovers that were not meant to be, and it’s okay. All of the people around me supported me during my break up with her. They told me that it’s okay to fail in a relationship because people commit mistakes all the time. My family and friends made me feel like I still have time to look for another girl and it’s not too late for me. But after my failed relationship with my girlfriend, I had no more inspiration, I did not work as hard as I did when we were together, and my boss is starting to notice my behavior in the office. I did not come on time anymore, and I am always slacking on my work. He told me that he would not hesitate in firing me If I do not pick up the phase. I was terrified to lose my job, so I looked for a way to help me focus on my work. I tried to read or watch tv, but it still did not help. Even though I am doing everything right, I can’t seem to focus on my work. There is still a big void in my heart that I want to be filled and I do not know how to do it. Finally, I discovered Dagenham Escorts. Dagenham Escorts help me focus on my work because they always make me feel good about myself. I have learned to love Dagenham Escorts very much because of my work.

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